My press has a mild cold… does anyone make house calls?

My press has a bit of a cold. Well, nothing too major… more like allergies. Since he is a bit overweight (an 8x12” C&P) I need a press doctor that can make house calls in the Chicago area.

Ideally ‘Chandy P’ just needs a check-up and perhaps some preventative medicine. Really his biggest issues are his nuts. (Oh come on…) I can’t seem to adjust the nuts/impression screws no matter how hard I try. So needless to say, he isn’t printing to his full potential.

I would love it if someone versed in the care for such things would be willing to give my little guy a check up and help with some minor adjustments.

Since I don’t have medical insurance for my guy, I don’t have a ton of $$ but I will pay what I can. I can even bake you some cookies for your troubles.

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A photo or two of the impression scews where they go into the platen might help people here diagnose the problem without too many questions needing to be asked.


Does anyone know of anyone in the Chicago area that will give press ‘check-ups’?

Give Paul Aken a call and see if he can help you out. He has the Platen Press Museum in nearby Zion, IL. If you haven’t been there before, a trip to his museum is a MUST for people in the Chicago area. He is located along Lake Michigan just south of the Wisconsin border. His phone number is 847-746-8170.

Good luck.