kelsey 5x8 missing gripper arms

I’ve been inspecting/learning about my new press, and I’ve come to realize that the gripper arms are missing.

I checked NA Graphics and it looks like they have grippers for 3x5, but not for 5x8. Bah! Is there anywhere else I should look, or is there some way to make my own? My partner has metalworking tools (dremel, grinder) - but from what I understand, there’s some sort of spring mechanism that’s needed as well?

Are they necessary to printing? Probably, huh. It’s a good thing I paid the price I did for this press. It still has some work to be done to it!

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Dear Falsecognate:

Learned via e-mail just yesterday that Dave Churchman has Kelsey 5” x 8” grippers—-the ‘newstyle’ kind, that fit on the round gripper bar.

If you have an ‘oldstyle’ Kelsey, fit with a square gripper bar, then (like me) you have to search elsewhere.

That’s great! It’s a Model O - definitely has the round gripper bar, so I’ll contact him.

Thanks so much, Dave!