Press Board recommendations

We are working on a Heidelberg Windmill and have been coming up with pretty good results. Had recently ordered new press board as we were running out. The press board is harder than the previous board we had and is giving us a bit different results.

What type of press board/ packing do you use with your windmill? Please let us know where you purchase your items from.

Thanks so much.

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By “Press board” I assume you mean the tympan packing.
With 50+years of experience working or supervising Heidels daily, the harder your packing the sharper will be your print, but your make-ready will need to be far more precise and time-consuming.
I found the best compromise to be two sheets of manilla at the base then two or more sheets of plain bond paper on top and then the manilla clamping sheet.
I live in the UK so cannot give purchase details.

I like to use enamel paper for packing under the tympan paper. It is a hard packing. I cut the paper the same size as the tympan, then use the packing gauge on the press, to determine how many sheets to use. You can use any paper you have on hand for packing.