Unknown Press

I recently acquired a printing press at a yard sale and had hopes of using it. However I am unsure what type of press it is and if it even has all of its parts. On the back it says Chicago and has gold gilt lettering and painted gold sides. It is fairly rusty but has all of its lead letters and print blocks. Any advice that can be given on it is greatly appreciated!

Also, if it is missing pieces is it possible to find replacement parts or am I out of luck? Thanks in Advance!

image: -1.jpg


image: -2.jpg


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look here Sounds like you have a wee little Sigwalt, similar to the very last one on the page…

Thanks Gillyfish!

I guess if that is the model then I am missing parts :(

There’s another little Chicago on the 3rd page of that list, third from the bottom. I don’t know too much about the Chicago models, but it does look like you’re probably missing some parts. There are a number of places you might try looking for replacements, depending on where you are located. In the northeastern US, for example, I’d recommend John Barrett’s Letterpress Things in Chicopee MA. The yellow pages here have more places to check…

Thanks I went ahead and contacted him. Hopefully I can find out more. :)