FYI, Letterpress equipment auction

Hello All,

Just FYI, I just received a notice regarding an auction of letterpress equipment (among other things). It is to take place in Canaan NH, July 31. A full listing of equipment is available at their website It looks like it was a well equipped shop. Windmill, C+P, hot metal, wood type, saws etc.

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Took me a bit to find it.

Printing Equipment: 10 X 15 Windmill; 8 X 12 hand fed Chandler & Price; 10 X 15 Chandler & Price with Kluge feeder; Model 8 Linotype with 30+ magazines of mats; Intertype; over 80 drawers of foundry type; 2 drawers of wood type; 20 inch Michael paper cutter; Rouse vertical rotary miterer; Hammond trim saw; paper drill; old galleys; wood furniture and riglet; 5-drawer steel file; steel office desk; etc.