Roller gunge

I am currently cleaning up a couple of Adana 8x5 presses. I suspect that one of these has suffered a roller meltdown in the past. I’ve tried various strategies for removing the gunge, with little success. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Sue W

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goo gone? Its a orange spray that is mild but is crazy good at taking off gooey substances. Also gasoline and lighter fluid.

hope that helps

Thanks for the suggestions. I don’t think we have ‘goo gone’ down here in Australia, but I’ll try lighter fluid and see if that works.

Sue W

blow torch and a good scraper?

If, as I suspect, this is a case of poly rollers melting then there is no known solvent for this gunge.
I had this happen to me when six sets of rollers all decided to meltdown at 12.33 pm one day. It can happen that suddenly.
What I had to do was twofold.
Where possible put parts in the freezer this makes it easier to scrape. Alternatively use talcum powder.
I know they have that it Oz ‘cos the Koala’s use it.
From then on it is just elbow grease, hard work and lots of tea, doughnuts and grunting.
Good luck

Thanks Mike. I have managed to shift a reasonable amount of the gunge with lots of scraping. I’ll give the talcum powder a try, if i can wrest it away from the Koala’s.


Although not a magic elixer, ‘Solvoplast’, an adhesive remover used by hospitals, will greatly aid your clean-up efforts. Benign, it can be used without special precautions, and will reduce the ‘gluey’ vinyl to a somewhat more manageable goo. It can be found in most drugstores - along with disposable rubber gloves which are a godsend with the removal process. Also, acetone is great for removing the last bit of stickiness; but use it outdoors as it is a very heady liquid having a powerful odour.
Again, stay away from roller material other than rubber or composition. The newer vinyl rollers don’t have the ‘meltdown’ problem, rather, just the opposite - they will turn hard, lose tack, and are useless for the proper transfer of ink. “You gets what you pays for”.