Letterpress group in Central NY

Anyone on this list know of any letterpress hobby clubs or associations in the Utica or Syracuse, NY area? I’m shortly resurrecting my Kelsey 5x8 and start printing again and would to have a local outlet for ideas, exchanges. I publish a 162 year old weekly in Clinton using Adobe platforms but for personal use I want to start using my Kelsey again. - Chuck Kershner

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Hello Chuck - Welcome to the Briar Press community. Glad to know that you are putting the Kelsey to work again. You may get some leads on printers and printing activities in the Printer's Yellow Pages. Scroll to the bottom of the page and search by location. I am sure there are people in your area who can point you in the right direction.

Am a letterpress enthusiast in Eaton (halfway between Morrisville & Hamilton) & it may be of mutual interest to talk a bit on the subject. While I do have some Kelseys, I basically use a Vandercook Proof Press & wood type.
Stan Harris

Are you a lover of WOOD TYPE ?
I am looking for one who is enthused & excited by cases full of the captivating stuff—& is interested in helping me proof the fonts on my Vandercook #2. Either week-ends or week days would work.
Food, drink, & witty insights supplied.
I’m located in Eaton, NY, between Morrisville & Hamilton—about 3/4 hr SW of Utica, or a bit less than 1 hr SE of Syracuse, NY.