where to buy kelsey 3x5 composing stick

hi, I am new and I recently purchased a kelsey 3x5 from ebay. I was wondering where you can buy composing stick. The ones i saw on ebay are bigger than 5”. Or is there other alternatives?


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Im not sure if they come really small but as long as the “knee” on it adjusts you can set it to what ever size you line length will be. I have some that I am planning on selling in the next few week — some big some smaller but all bigger than 5 inches ( I believe). If you are interested let me know

Ebay can be a bit expensive for little things like that.

hi, if it’s only a little bigger than 5” and it’s not very expensive, maybe i can give it a try. thanks!

i’ll keep an eye on the forum posting.

Letterpress things in Chiccoppee Mass. He’s prolly got more than a few small ones.