Throw-off issues on Golding Pearl #11

I recently acquired a Golding Pearl #11, 7x11. I’m still figuring it out and have a question about the throw-off. I can’t seem to get the throw-off to stay forward during printing. It will regularly fall back [towards me], not making an impression. Is there a problem or is there a trick to having it stay forward? Also, anyone know where I can get a manual for this press?


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You definitely have a problem. On my #11, it takes some force to shift it either forward or backward, but once in either position it is quite solid.

You might try getting in touch with Golding guru Mike Anton or Stephen O. Saxe. They are both great guys, infinitely knowledgeable, and very willing to share. Let me know if you need their email info and I can send it to you privately‚Ķ I don’t like posting addresses on public forums.

Thank you. I just sent you a note to get their contact info.

Cheers, suann