Hi, I wasn’t really sure where to put this it is not really a question as much as an offer to share. I have a project I would like to do with round and square medium weight coasters. American Coaster will sell me a huge amount (far more than I need) for a reasonable sum. However, it cost more to ship it to the West Coast then it actually cost to buy it. So my question is two fold does anyone want to split an order of coasters (round and square) or does anyone have any suggestions of where or how to obtain coasters in the San Francisco Bay Area?
As always thanks for your help. Briar Press is a great resource for those of us still in the learning stages.

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I was actually about to order coasters from American Coaster —- I would be willing to split but I think the Heavy weight is the ones I want… Yes the shipping is ridiculous to the west coast on the coasters that is one reason I have not ordered them yet!

I’m in the Bay Area and would be glad to share an order, if you’re getting heavyweight round coasters.

Ditto here on location and pitching in, if you still need takers.

I would be willing to buy part, but I’m in Alabama. :) Do you still have to buy 5000?

If you are looking to buy some coasters in smaller quantities let me know I have some extras…