SP-15 rollers

Does anyone out there know who would be quickest at supplying a new roller for my SP-15? I’m afraid I’ve let it go a little bit longer than I should have — and now I really need one. I got a roller from NA Graphics before, but it’s taking longer with them this time around. I’d appreciate any input; thanks in advance.

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One roller? These need to be replaced in pairs.

Two roller rewinders I recommend are RotaDyne and Petco, mainly because they will do it correctly.


Just out of interest Gerald, when one orders new rollers, for an sp-15 for example, what do you actually ask for?

Is there a set diameter specification?
Is there a set durability/hardness specification?
I assume you request rubber or vinyl rather than composite.

I realize I’m sailing close to the “proprietory information” issue recorded elsewhere but if satsumalynn ordered new rollers from petco or rotadyne would these manufacturers recognise the sp-15 model?




If a roller rewinder has the specifications, they will grind accordingly. Note that there is an allowable variance. It is always best to talk to these folks before you order. Let me repeat that. It is always best to talk to these folks before you order.

You can specify durability/hardness. Photopolymer work, for instance, is best accomplished on a slightly harder roller than spec. Certain inks require different durability formula, soy inks, for instance, are “aggressive.”

Rubber is a misnomer, as these are synthetics, mainly comprised of polymers, but yes, I specify rubber.



That’s interesting Gerald - when I bought my press from a UK art school I received a set of rollers which are fairly soft vinyl. I was led to believe they would be suitable for poorly constructed formes with a mixture of metal and wood - ideal for novice printers at the art school and myself. I hadn’t made the connection I might need a harder set of rollers for polymer so that is very useful information. Maybe I should read your book again d’oh!