C&P 10x15 or Kluge 10x15?


Am interested in getting some feedback on a purchase I could make regarding a 10x15 C&P of which I have a large amount of experience on and do enjoy and a 10x15 Kluge - auto feed and have no experience or knowledge of. I have only worked with C&P presses but I am starting to do larger runs and would love the option/offer to auto feed verse hand feed jobs in quantities of 500+ etc. Can someone tell me the major differences and advantages to either/or?

Thank you for reading.

- David

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Hi David,
The ideal for me was the 10x15 C&P with the Kluge Feeder Attachment - best of both worlds. The feeder swings easily back out of the way to allow hand feeding. We would improvise a feed table/board using a drying rack on a trash can; delivered the sheet to the Kluge delivery tray. The pump disconnected easily, and since we stored the treadle under the press, I would occasionally “kick it” just for fun. It didn’t take long to get the rhythm down. If I were to have only one press that would be it. Although I would like to try out a 12x18 C&P with the Kluge attachment if such a press exists. I’m not sue I’ve ever seen one.

Thank you Dick…

That sounds like a great option for me… I do love the C&P a lot… it’s not the treadle variety but does have the small variable motor if I choose to use it but mainly I spin the wheel. Where might I locate a Kluge auto feeder attachment and directions to install it on the C&P? Thanks again for your response.


Hi David,
Even though your C&P doesn’t have a treadle, does the main shaft have a crank throw that would accommodate a treadle or is it straight? The Kluge pump is dual action supplying air pressure for sheet separation and suction for feed and delivery. You may have to check with Kluge to see if alternative or independent pump installations are available if your press doesn’t have the treadle throw.

Hi Dick…

It does have a crank throw out … it’s similar to the one I’ve posted an image of below. I will get some actual pictures of my press soon. Can I buy these feeder attachments directly from Kluge if they end up working?

Thank you.


image: nlc000752-v4.jpg


Hi David,
I think there are too many vagaries for you to find an attachment and install it.
I would go after it this way.
Find a 10x15 C&P NS with the Kluge attachment complete and running in your area. I see one in Arizona for $1,500 which is a fair price. I would find and buy a treadle for your press and sell it complete to those who would love to have a 10x15 with a treadle and motor. My guess is you would have a ready buyer.

Hi again,
The photos say it all as to the complexity of adding a feeder to your press. D

image: 10x15 C-P w Kluge2.jpg

10x15 C-P w Kluge2.jpg

image: 10x15 C-P w Kluge.jpg

10x15 C-P w Kluge.jpg