Overpriced 6x4 Sigwalt tabletop?

Sigwalt tabletop letterpress overpriced ?

Can I get a consensus on a fair price for 6x4 Sigwalt No.23 I was thinking $475-600 was fair. Given that on ebay Kelsey’s (I know ebay… overpriced) go for $250-$700 and someone just
listed a 5x8 Kelsey for $700 on the classifieds here. Besides Kelsey’s, Pilots which the Sigwalt is comparibel to have recently sold around $3000 on ebay.

My reasoning $475 is fair, and I haven’t had any luck
finding price reference for Nonpareil No.23 Sigwalt besides Craigslist for $600. I know my Sigawlt is 3/4th the size but
more versatile and better built machine then Kelsey and
dosent restrict paper sizes as much and much lighter then a Pilolt .

I listed in classifieds here last week along with a 3905 Triumph paper cutter for $800 for both, but all the inquires fell through.
I have one person offer $450 for the Sigwalt but they want to wait weeks.

I would Love to keep it but need to sale asap and put the cash towards moving 2 presses. So please consensus Is $475 fair, or what price should I list at.

image: Sigwalt_All_Views.jpg


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That press appears to be a Golding, as it has a round base as opposed to the Sigwalt which has a square base, making this a rarer press than the Sigwalt. About $500 to $600 would be a realistic price for this beautiful press.See
I suggest you sell the cutter and use the press as a paperweight on your desk, as its value will go nowhere but up. Or donate it to a museum and get a tax writeoff.

Thanks Stanislaus Pekala,

I would love to keep it but rather have the Golding Jobbers.
The last paper cutter I sold took a good month to finalize.

I know a lot a people confuse early Sigwalts with Golding but the early Sigwalts had round bases, I just had this discussion on Flickr. I need to find the article but basically Sigwalt infringed on Golding around the time Sigwalt changed the round bases square. www.briarpress.org/322

“Early Sigwalts had a round base much like a Golding but later models had a square base”

http://www.apa-letterpress.com/T%20&%20P%20ARTICLES/Press%20&%20Presswor... “The Nonpareil, with two rollers and a side arm handle, was available in five sizes,
ranging from 2 1/2x4” to 6x9.” The largest model sold for $43.75. The press was similar to the Official press made by Golding”.

Back to the research depertment for me. As I said when I got my prosthetic shoe: “I stand corrected!” We learn something new everyday!
Thank You!


Is this press listed in the classifieds? Is it still for sale and can you arrange shipping?


To simply put it yes its still available on an auction site.
I was going to let the market determine the value
but would also like to try to figure a fair price.

I pulled the ad here, I tried reposting the ad in the classifieds
this morning but had a link to that major auction site that starts with an e***. I learned that your not aloud to link to e*** in the Briar classifieds.

I think the best way to see what the market will bear is to use an auction format and start with a low opening bid. With a low start, people will have interest, and you will achieve the market price.
If you start with a high opening bid, you run the risk that people will have only limited interest, or think it overpriced, and never get involved. Much of getting the most out of a product is psychology. Getting people to believe the press is theirs. Soon they will do whatever it takes to make it theirs.
If the opening bid is too high, people will not begin by believing the press could ever be theirs.
I think your press could be worth $500 or more. Good luck with your auction.

What size are the Golding Jobbers you want to move, how far do they need to move, and is there anything tricky on either end? Perhaps we can cut your moving costs and you could keep your Sigwalt (although that may no longer be an option if it’s in an ongoing auction). I’m not clear whether you’re in S.F. or S.J., but I moved two 10x15 Golding Jobbers (one twice) in S.J. a couple months ago and it wasn’t particularly difficult.


Boundstaffpress, I took your advise lowered the starting bid but put a reserve. By the way I receive you flicker link.. beautiful work and your linocuts skills are unbelievable, I would take a class form you if you were closer.

Hi Dave(the ink tube guy),

You have access hydraulic trailer!!!!

did you sell this press?