Heidelberg Windmill Transport Dimensions

Hi all!

I am looking to buy a Heidelberger OHT (Windmill) here in Hamburg/Germany and I am wondering how wide a door must be to get it through. The dealer I am going to buy it from is saying he would get it through a door 85cm (33,5in) wide, but I am not really trusting him on that, since the machine is 1,25m (almost 50in) wide and quite compact. Do you know it the press can be taken apart (economically feasible) so the parts fit through a “normal” door?

Thanks for your answers and greetings from Hamburg, Germany,

Gott Grüß die Kunst!
Gerrit Baumann

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Hi Gerrit,

you can take the OHT appart. BUT and is realy a big BUT this should only be done by someone who knows what he is doing and you can be very sure that this is not a cheep job. Dismanteling and taking it out will cost around 1000 ,-E. So you should be very sure that the press is worth it.

Regards Hans

Hallo Hans,

thanks for your answer!
The dealer gave me an estimate how much he would charge for the transport and that taking it apart to get it through the door would be about 300-400€, but I am kind of wondering if it is possible at all, since these OHTs are built kind of like tanks. Where do you live at in Germany (I suppose you are German)?


Hi Gerrit,

yes I’m German (Bavarian), but in the moment living and working in the United Arab Emirates.
If your dealer can do the job at 300 to 400 E, than it is a real good price. Afer dismanteling you get the width of the arms moving the rollers. As far as I remember, 88cm was the smalest door we ever passed with an OHT. So I think it should be possible with 85cm also.


The measures of the press are 150cm by 190cm, where there are some 10 cm around to make things easier. I guess you will need a 2 meters hole … As for disassembling it in pieces to pass thru a normal door it is a lot of work. Good luck.