ShowCard Printing Press

This machine is presently owned by a Public Institution. As a public entity the options of changing ownership are limited. The easiest way for us to remove it from our site is to bring it directly to scrap metal collector. This would be a shame. The only other simple way to find a new home for it is for us to donate it to another Public or Non-Profit organization.

We are located in Northern California and this equipment would be available to any and the first Public of Non-Profit who would like to pick it up from us.

This is not in the Classifieds because it is not for sale!

Any ideas?


image: IMG_0247.JPG


image: IMG_0248.JPG


image: IMG_0241.JPG


image: IMG_0244.JPG


image: IMG_0249.JPG


image: IMG_0252.JPG


image: IMG_0254.JPG


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This could probably be donated to History Park in San Jose (formerly San Hose Historical Museum). Someone from the Printers’ Guild could make arrangements to pick it up, and the Guild members would see that it could get put to good use. Depending on what other interest there is, and your time frame, I would be happy to check into it on this end.

Dave Robison, San Jose Printers’ Guild

Those Showcards are great presses. I only wish we were not on the extreme opposite side of the country: we could use one at the Floridia Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts … but with State grant funding locked in an iron lung, we couldn’t even afford the shipping. Drat. Our little 8 x 12 Showcard will have to suffice. :>)

A great broadside and poster press, indeed. And heavy!!

G. Johanson, Settlement Printer
Florida Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts
Barberville, Florida

I also work for a public institution. We have come up with a way to manuver this situation.

I often “contract” with private parties to hual unwanted items to the “scrap yard.” Sometimes the trip to the scrap yard takes many years with long stops at various private and commercial venues.

Hope this helps

Why can’t it be publicly auctioned? There’s plenty of government agencies around here that auction off used and no long needed equipment. I think this state even has a public auction once a month that anyone can go to.

I agree with Robinson, donate it to the History Park and the Printers Guild. History Park is close to you plus they’ll pick it up, why waste resources shipping it far.

The Printers Guild has a couple of teachers and I think they’ll find a good use for it. They demo for Bay Area schools and fairs, and help out anybody (like me) that has a question about letterpress.

Thanks to you all for replying. I am hoping to learn more from others on the Printers Guild in San Jose. Sounds like a good fit.

To boundstaffpress, thanks for the creative scenario on disposal of Public Property.

Lammy, we have experience with the public auction programs in the past and they are too time intensive for us. It’s rare that we have anything of real value to auction anymore. Most of our assets are used way beyond their useful life.

I am part of a studio community space in St. Louis MO, where students, teachers, artists, all come to create. This would be a perfect press to have to allow everyone to learn the medium.