Ink Disc for Craftsmen Superior Press

My Superior Press has a problem with the ink disc, it is made of Aluminum with a rod that is removable from the press and the disc. The rod is now having trouble fitting back into the press and I am looking for some advice on what I need to do for it to keep working. A little info about the press it is like a C&P Pilot.

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Could you include some pictures? I have an iron Superior, and could maybe be of some help.

Here are some photos I hope this is what you need to help me. One thing, I did use some lubricant before some of this problem started but I have cleaned that off the press and shaft. The ink disc has never worked properly, it was have trouble spinning (I thought a lubricant would help).

image: Press_4.jpg


image: Press_3.jpg


image: Press_1.jpg


image: Press_ 2.jpg

Press_ 2.jpg

I would start by determining which of the two ends of the shaft has the tightest fit. I would assume it to be the ink disk. Using a 3M scratch pad, I would polish the inside of the most freely moving. You probably don’t need too much more play to get the ink disk to spin. If this doesn’t work, I’d move to wet/dry sand paper. Maybe attach some to a dowel and use a drill.

I know this seems obvious, but is there a set screw inside either or both of the holes. I would think it to be an advantage for the shaft to stay attached to the ink disk, or the press. More likely the ink disk.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with lubricating this area. I would use 30 weight oil.

You may also want to Chuck Schwartz at Graphic Equipment.

At your leisure, I would appreciate more pictures of your aluminum press. I am curious about Craftsmen Alum. presses, and have a foundry at my disposal in which I could possibly create replacement parts.

Justin –

I have tried both suggestions and it is not working, I did not want to go to far because the shaft was fitting fine until the lubricant. About the shaft being attached that was my bigger problem I was about to fix it until the shaft would not go back into the press.

On your press is the in disc and shaft connected and do they move in out of the press with ease? if so maybe a foto would help me see what I need to do with mine.

I believe my ink disk and shaft are cast as one piece. They do move very freely.

I’ll post some pics tomorrow.

My next move would be to polish the press end of the shaft. It is possible that the lubricant you used caused the aluminum to oxidize and made the hole in the press smaller, but this seems unlikely. What did you use?

Because aluminum is so soft, it is possible that in trying to reinsert the rod (which I assume is steel) you could have raised a slight burr inside the press bracket hole which is interfering with the rod. If this is the case carefully scraping this burr down would be better than sanding. I would carefully check to see if one end of the rod is slightly larger, though I doubt it. Rather than try to enlarge the hole in the press bracket I think you should try to remove a small amount of metal from the press end of the rod. Use fine wet-or-dry sandpaper. You might scratch a “D” in the disc end and a “P” in the press end of the rod so they don’t get reversed.

Thanks to everyone for the helpful info. I had a family member (in-law) that is a metal worker give me some help and he has it working perfectly. We also made a set screw for the ink disk.

Sorry I didn’t get pics posted. Please keep us up to date with your printing success.