Black paper recommendations?

Does anyone have recommendations for a good black paper they’ve had success printing on? Preferably 110lb cover or heavier. I’ll be printing using silver metallic oil based ink.

Any tips or recommendations appreciated. Thanks!

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Wausau has a nice black that is I think around 100 or 110 lb in the Complements line

Mohawk also has several blacks but I can not remember how heavy there are (and my swatch book is packed up right now or I would look!)


French Paper

Arches in France does a beautiful, 100% rags, black paper. 250gms. You should be able to get that in the USA.

Somerset Velvet black. 250 and 280gm

I just finished a job using Cordenons Plike Black. It is a smooth finish 122# cover stock that my client provided. I printed it two sides using Pms 8640 metallic and it was great to work with. the ink did not soak in too much which let it keep the metallic sheen and it took impression very well. the client ordered it through He said one of the reasons he chose it was that he could order small quantities. hope this helps


If your interested in the paper above ask for product code COPBLA11C

thank you all! i think i’m going to go with the french or cordenons black.