Michael Carbone Inc.

Lists approximately one dozen C & P presses from 8 by 12 to 12 by 18 and an inventory of C & P parts. Also lists approximately 12 tabletop presses, Pilots, Craftsmen, Kelseys, and a variety of proof presses and other small job presses. In addition, the company stocks leads and slugs, furniture, reglets, mitering machines, etc. “If we do not have it in stock, we’ll find it for you.”

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3 comments about this listing

Does anyone have a phone number or url for this company?

Updated. Michael Carbone passed away in Jan 2004. See http://www.dvrbs.com/people/CamdenPeople-MichaelCarbone.htm A
successor may still be running the business. Try 856-964-4112.

Thanks Elizabeth, Yes the number was correct and they are still open for business…