Digital offset printing on Lettra? [closed]

Hi there,

I was just wondering if anyone has had experience having things printed “digital” offset on Crane’s Lettra? I have a client who wants the envelopes printed offset to save on cost but I’m not sure how it’ll work. When using textured paper, if using toner I know it rubs right off, so I’m not sure if this would be anything similar. My printer (who prints offset) said he’d have to run a proof to see, but I just thought I’d ask here to see if anyone’s had any experience with it.


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we have run lettra envelopes and 300 gram on our offset presses with no issues except needing more ink and water when running large solids. Type alone was the same as other jobs.

The focus at Briar Press is on letterpress printing. I’m sure offset printers have a site of their own to handle issues dealing with offset printing!

Hello madgab75.

I’ve closed commenting on your post because offset machines are substantially different from letterpress-era presses.

We try hard to keep the Discussion useful for our core audience, which is centered around vintage letterpress use and equipment. Discussion and questions regarding prepress, offset, and newer machinery, are better suited to the many commercial sites that handle this equipment.

Thanks Stanislaus, for the helpful reminder.