Adana 8x5 Maintenance

Any advice on how to Maintain an Adana press (or any other press) - i.e: Oiling/storage for us beginners?

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Thats a no then.

I may be very lazy but when I bought an Adana all I did was wipe the dust of with a rag and buy new rollers. I bought into the idea that removing the built up grime might upset the tuning of the machine. Keep your rollers clean (and removed from the press when not in use) and if the action is smooth I reckon you’ll be fine.

I just gave it a good wipe, removed the dust and dirt, followed by a drop of machine oil and a spot of grease on the springs.

It’s surprising that the Adana survives with so much apathetic attention to its upkeep.
The 8 x 5 is a precision machine and will last a lifetime with a little care and attention. I have been using mine continuously for over fifty years and it is cleaned and oiled after every use.
Firstly make sure all the moving parts are oiled at the end of each session. Most of the oil holes are easily found and it only requires one drop of oil in each. One of the Gripper Arms will have a hole underneath. They only seemed to make one pattern and although they can be changed from left to right, this means the oil hole is hidden away.
Make sure the ink disk turns smoothly and that the bearing is oiled.
Now clean up with a dry rag. Give the bady a spray with Pledge or other furniture polish and wipe off.
Finally make sure the rollers are clean and dry. If they are not going to used for a couple of days, wipe them over with vaseline.
Always ensure the surface of the type bed and the ink disc are kept clean and free from erosion. A little paraffin helps.
Check the platen packing and replace or repair as necessary.
Give the whole press a quick inspection and clean away any gunge, grud or old ink. You do not need to distrub the impression screws at all.
Finally go round all the springs and wipe with oil, check that no nuts have come loose and rest easy.

Your Adana will reward you with excellent prints and will still operate for your grand children.
Good luck.