Treadle Press Availability in the UK

I am interested in acquiring a treadle press and am just wondering about availability of machines such as an ARAB for example in the UK, I realise the age of these machines dictates that they are a rare commodity but is there anyone who trades in such machines or refurbishes them? Also does anyone have any advice on what to go for (if I were to end up with a choice!!) and what to avoid regarding running and repairs etc. Thanks in advance.


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Join the British Printing Society (£20 per year), you’ll receive their newsletter and will be able to pick up presses etc. at a decent price. recently an Arab in good condition was offered for £350, somewhere in the south of the UK. Nice machine the Arab! I was the owner of one for many years, sold it and wouldn’t mind getting one again.

I’ve just returned from collecting an Arab press in Cambridge, lovely machine, unbelievably heavy.

Have a look at the last comment in this blog entry:
somebody is offering an Arab for collection only, might be worth a bit of investigation. They’re based in Oxfordshire.

Also, I’ve heard that Jeremy Winkworth from AM removals renovates old presses.

I got my machine in a very bad state in the early 1980s and restored it completely. Spare parts were available from Excelsior Printer’s Suppliers in London, who have closed down since. I have several photos of the machine and of the one in The Science Museum in London, where I was allowed to take close up shots. If you need information, do get in touch, I know where my machine has gone. The museum complimented me on my restoration job. Indeed, a heavy machine, but it was built to be easily de-assembled.

Thanks everyone, I will be looking into your suggestions. Dan.

Thanks everyone we are now the owners of an ARAB.

Dan & Sandrine.