How to adjust hight on Albion press

Hi just hoping someone could help me with adjust my desk top Frederick Ullmer Albion. I have bought it recently and it was set up for letterpress so the distance from the print bed and the plate is to big for the lino prints I want to do.
I have used Albion presses before but they have always been set up for lino printing.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Regards Russell

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You will need to bring the lino height up rather than trying to get the platen to meet the thickness of lino.
The press will be set originally to type height (.918”) plus the thickness of the paper and tympan.
Simply obtain a piece of MDF to the thickness of 20mm and mount lino on that. You can make the difference up by packing your tympan and the thickness of substrate printing onto.
Alternatively where do you live, I could show you if I am passing as I travel a lot with work (moving, selling and maintaining handpresses)

Hi Jeremy
Thanks very much for your helpful reply, I’m in the England so probably a little to far for you to come as I believe this is mostly an American site but thank you for your kind offer.

Your information has been very helpful and combined with a some help from a printmaker in the UK I should be printing soon.

Thank you again Jeremy

Kind regards Russell


I am UK based hence the offer.

Let me know if you need more help.


artyruss - Welcome to the Briar Press community. The site is run from the US, but we have many participants from the UK and all parts of the world. Jeremy is an invaluable source of information and expertise. Here is his listing for his business in the Printer’s Yellow Pages at Briar Press.

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Hope this helps.

Thanks for the kind comments.
Briar Press Rocks.
Best Wishes,
Jeremy W.

Thank you Elizabeth

Jeremy’s advice was invaluable an I am now printing with my Albion.

Thank all.