Tiny Albions - Any more out there??

I recently bought the press on the left after 3 years of negotiating. I was wandering if anyone else had any amateur size albions (or handpresses).
Then as if by magic another came up.
The platen is 10 x 7 on the left hand side one and 10 x 7.25” on the right hand. Dated 1867 and 1877. The Ullmer on the left is the oldest and the Austin Wood is the younger.
They stand about 18 inches high.
And the next question, restore or no? Nice huh?

image: TinyWee.jpg


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So great! I want one! I just acquired a 3x5 Sigwalt on “extended loan” and thought it was the most darling little press on the planet, now you show me these??? I simply must find one!

Wonderfully romantic those are.

If they were mine, I would not restore them. These presses are true antiques and they are original only once. I have seen “baby” sized Washington hand presses before but not a baby Albion. It’s unbelievable that you found two of them. Good work!

There are in “as found” condition but both were repainted or played about with in the last 30 years. If they were truly original I would be right with you on that one!
Still they probably won’t be touched for the time being - too much other work to do!

Regardless, they have a nice patina and I still wouldn’t refinish them.