Need Help with Shipping a Table Top Press

I am trying to ship a tabletop press (200 lbs) from Wisconsin to California. Where would I take this to have it bolted down and crated in Madison, WI, and then what shipper would I use to ship this to California for this weight of shipment? Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

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You might try taking bids on—you post your info, and shippers going your way who may need to fill out a load will submit bids. You can ask bidders to include costs of building a crate on the spot; some will do this for you for an extra charge. Shippers have feedback and comments from people who have previously used them.

UPS will do all this for you as well, but it will cost a small mountain of money.

One other thing: explains how the folks at Excelsior Press crated up a Pilot—just FYI.

Thanks for your suggestion, I will check out… Sounds like a good start. I forgot about excelsior press having that information, I will look over that as well.

Or…you could sell it to me in Madison and buy a new one in California :) Let me know if interested.