Mike Anton, owner 

Golding & Company, St. Louis Division

Mike Anton is an authority on Golding presses and equipment. He has a significant collection of presses that he has restored or are waiting to be restored. As time allows, he may be able to help with parts and questions about his collection.

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Hi Mike,

I just saw Dan Morris’s reference to you here on BP.org and wondered if you can help.
I am looking for a treadle (and the extension rod, too, I think) for a Golding Jobber No. 6. Is this something you can supply, and if so, can you provide a cost, please?

[email protected]

need some parts for no1 8x5 treadle pearl platen..1xfeed table, 3xdraws, quoins, quoin key, chase some leads, furniture for chase size.
bruce chave

I have furniture in wood & cornerstone & leads of all sizes.