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ProprietorJohn Stephen Parkinson (Mr.)
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Served my time as a letterpress compositor 1963-1969 and was employed in the letterpress trade until 1985. During this period I did general jobbing work, weekly newspaper work, monotype keyboard and caster work as well as trade poster work (letterpress). I left the trade when letterpress was in its decline. At present I print purely for family, friends, etc. but mainly for my own satisfaction (ink for blood)! I have a peerless platen, farley proofmaster and 2 Adanas as well as various typecases

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Hi John.
Its Karl.

Just to let you know. It is a Vandercook style press but with a gilded badge at one end saying “SRL”!? I have no Idea.

Hi John.

Sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while. been pretty hectic lately. I’ve not even had time to do any printing. thats also due to the fact that I have nowhere to do it at the moment. I have a studio space in the pipeline though that I may be renting off someone.
Some other good news, my boss at work has said that as long as no health and safety laws are broken then as far as he is concerned, I can have the SRL proofing press. Which is rather good news!!

Regards, Karl

P.S. I havent forgot that I still owe you £22!!