A big ol’ year-end hug

Before I get all swamped with family arriving, cookie-baking, tree-trimming and whatnot:

To all you letterpress “old-timers,” whatever your ages: Gratitude for sharing your experience and expertise, for taking time to answer what must seem like dopey questions, for posting helpful photos and e-mailing diagrams, for suggesting other resources, for the countless times I have learned from you. Oh—and for the handy items you had that I didn’t, and you were willing to sell.

To my fellow letterpress tadpoles: Thanks for being so interesting, asking such great questions (dopey=great if you haven’t heard it 12,000 times), sharing what you’ve discovered and coming at this discipline from so many different angles. I am learning from you, too.

Wishing all of you a great year ahead with no platen-slammed fingers, no pi’d (sp?) type and perfect impressions every time.

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