Info Please - Challenge Paper Cutter

I would appreciate if someone could help me put a date of mfg. on this Challenge paper cutter Thank You — Rick

image: paper cutter.jpg

paper cutter.jpg

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I’ve got a Challenge Advance 18 inch Paper Cutter
with a 1908 Patent date , and the serial Number
is somewhere in the 18,000s, I believe. I would estimate
its manufacture to be prior to WWI. All of that information should be somewhere on the cutter. The feet measure about 25 inches on the outside. I’ll measure it and take note of the precise numbers.

corrected comment: 19 ” Challenge Advance , patented
July 7, 1908, TMRGD July 28, 1889: Serial No. 18951
feet 21 ” wide, Blade 24 ” , lever 38” overall,
38 ” deep front to back. Patent & Serial Nos stamped on top side of the bar to which the blade is attached. How much should I ask for it/

I too need a resource for finding out more about old Challenge paper cutters.

I have a Challenge Advance Guillotine paper cutter patented July 7, 1903, TM Rec’d July 23, 1889 SN: NOB11804 that I recently purchased. I contacted Challenge Machinery Company and have been told they don’t have anything on this cutter any longer. They did tell me that my cutter was made between 1903 and 1904.

I did find cutter supplies at and I think they sharpen blades. Their number is 800-398-5283.