Duane Juell-Letterpress Craftsman, president 

Crayton Heritage Letterpress

Crayton Heritage Letterpress, is a letterpress production facility offering printing, foil stamping, die cutting, duplex, edge tint and much more.
It was created by combining Crayton Printing, established in 1934 and specialized in printing / mailing for the local masons, with the 60 yr. old Heritage Letterpress, which is nationally know for the art of letterpress production of books. Both companies have had a long and distinguished history of quality and customer service, so it was just “common sense” to put them under one roof, and continue the tradition.
Whether you are looking for someone to print your wedding invitation sets, stamp your holiday card, create extra thick custom sheets, polymer plates, or a drawer of old foundry type, Crayton Heritage Letterpress is here to help.