Letterpress classes Austin Texas

I was given a letterpress for my birthday and am interested in classes in Austin, Texas. There were some classes offered at Flatbed Press but nothing recently. Any ideas?

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I’ve posted the same question myself with no luck. Casey McGarr with Inky Lips Press teaches at his shop in McKinney (north of Dallas). My husband and I are taking a class from him this weekend, so I can let you know how the class was. Also, I’ve heard Rose Harms with the Southwest School of Art and Craft in San Antonio is highly recommended, but I haven’t taken her class myself.

Best of luck!


Hi Meg,

I’m also interested in having Casey give me some instruction on my Vandercook in the future. What type of press do you have? If we had enough people in Austin maybe someone could come into town and do a half-day workshop.

I have a sigwalt. I would love a half day workshop!
Let me know

As a follow up, our class with Casey was great and definitely worth the drive/hotel stay. He’s a patient teacher and very knowledgeable about letterpress. My husband and I already had experience printing on our Pilot tabletop press, so we specifically asked Casey to show us how the Heidelberg Windmill works. He also has several Vandercooks and teaches classes on those.

If you’re interested in a class, I’d discuss your specific needs with Casey and see what he says (and if he’s available). You should be able to find him in the Yellow Pages on this website.

Good luck!