Brian Russell 

Russell, Brian

Photopolymer plates, mounted or unmounted made from camera ready artwork. I have supplied hobby and commercial letterpress printers, as well as private presses throughout the UK since 1984. I studied electrotyping, engraving and flexography at the London College of Printing from 1953 to 1960, and thereafter worked in various capacities in the printing industry. Today I also work as a volunteer printer at the Blists Hill Victorian Town Museum, Ironbridge, Shropshire and give talks and presentations to educational groups and other interested parties. I am also Sales Secretary of the British Printing Society (list of publications available) and Secretary of the Shropshire local branch. Website under construction.

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Hello Brian
My name is Nigel Smethills and I work as a graphic designer, trying to produce, quality letterpress stationery in the UK.
Do you produce the “blocks” that letterpress printers use? dies?