Dallas Learn to Letterpress Class


The Craft Guild of Dallas is offering a “Hands-On Learn to
Letterpress Class” every Monday from 7pm-10pm Jan 26-Mar 22. They have their own studio with type, presses, and handmade paper. Learn to make and print note cards and more. The class fee is $292 - a small price to pay for this rare, apprenticeship like experience. Plus, the Dallas Craft Guild is an amazing place if you have never been. It’s a non-profit 10,000 art studio, with a ceramics, painting, metalwork, glass bead, and letterpress studio. They offer tons of classes and the people are warm and super creative.

Website: http://www.craftguildofdallas.com/
Phone: 972-490-0303

14325 Proton Road
Dallas, Texas 75244

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