Press moving help

I have two questions and hope someone can help.

1. Can anyone suggest someone in the NW Chicago burbs who could move an 8x12 C&P? (from a ground floor garage to another ground floor space) - see issue below.

2. The space I am looking to move to is actually a ground floor retail space. My main concern is getting the press through the front door. I measured the door frame and it is 36”. Of course when I measured the width of my press it is just over 37”. Could I take the flywheel off and get the press through the door that way? Has anyone every moved a press like this into a tight doorway? I haven’t a clue what to do and would hate to miss out on this space because the press wont fit in the door.

I have attached a photo of the doorway and the press. You will see the space has big windows but in talking to the landlord I don’t think they can be removed plus the press would have to be lifted over the low exterior wall.

image: door1.jpg


image: press1.jpg


image: press2.jpg


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Contact Paul Aken at the Platen Press Museum in Zion, IL for suggestions and possible help. Paul’s phone number is (847) 746-8170. He has moved LOTS of presses in that area.

Oh yes… Paul actually moved my press when I bought it from him.

Do you think we would have an idea about getting it through the door? I have never taken the press apart and am a little weary of removing anything…

Take off the feed and delivery boards and close the press. You should be able to get the press through the door this way. You’ll need to remove the motor and trim down the skids but it should work. It may take a pivot or two, but if your door is 36” wide you may be able to move it straight through—I’ll have to measure our 8x12 to confirm the closed depth.

Hope that helps.


I forgot to say that with the press closed and boards removed you will be pulling/pushing the press through the door _sideways_.

From another post:

Chandler and Price New Series Floor Model Platens:

Space through which press will pass

Assembled: 36”
Partially stripped: 27”
Fully Stripped: 18”

so it sounds like it is doable. just a tight squeeze? ugh. makes me nervous.

If you can take the door off its hinges you’ll have a better time of it. It will be a tight squeeze, but with a little patience and muscle you can make it work. I assume you have a pallet jack. You may even want to build a pallet for the press that will make it a little more stable during the process. If it doesn’t seem to fit going sideways you can always pivot one corner into the entry and then bring the other corner around—it’s difficult to explain, but I’m guessing you get the idea.

I got it. Thanks. I think it will be okay.