Wolfgang Hartmann 


Futura, Weiss, Schneidler, Folio, Bernhard cursive, Rondo, Amazone and many other new metal types are still avaible. A catalogue printed in letterpress can be sent to you with a price list for a fee of $5. Send the amount to the address below, Credit Cards are also admitted.

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3 comments about this listing

Hola! I would like to receive a catalog. I am from Singapore. I cld not find your address to request for it or make payment. Hope to hear from you soon =) gracias!

Hola, how much is Futura 8pt please? Post to UK?


Hi there, I would like to know hot can I contact this typefounder, is it possible to do it through here?

Hola, me gustaría saber como puedo entrar en contacto con esta fundición de tipos. Es posible contactar-los por este post?