Studio space to share in Chicago suburbs

I am looking for another printer(s) in the NW Chicago area who may need a place to set up shop. I will be renting a great studio space with lots of windows. It even has a space for retail, classes and meeting with clients. There is plenty of room for several presses. I have an 8x12 C&P but it would be great to have a Vandercook in the space too.

Mostly it would just be nice to have another printer around. If you are in the area and could use to rent a space, let me know. I can tell you more.

image: space2.jpg


image: space1.jpg


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which northwest surburb is studio located? Just curious, I grew up around Hoffman Estates, IL



So it is a bit further north that H.E.

Right now I am in Des Plaines though.