Qestions about Heidelberg Original Platen?

I’m searching for info Heidelberg Original Platen produced in late 60`s. The specific question I have is if the press format is A4 can I print on smaller paper formats. Like postcards or business cards. The press have automatic feeding system. A other hint’s or manual will be very helpful also.

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A Google search produced the following.

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Made in Czechoslovakia, the Kovo Grafopress was imported into the UK by Cropper, Charlton & Co Ltd. It was an automatic platen for sheet sizes up to 10.25x13.75in and an output of up to 5,000iph.

The Grafopress was the same as other automatic platen machines, but with several improvements to the inking system. A knurled hand-wheel gave screw adjustment of roller track height, whether the machine was stationery or running. Both tracks could be lifted or lowered simultaneously, and individual regulation of each track was possible by a cam. Inking could be suspended completely by a lever fitted to the central screw that lifted both tracks, so that the rollers did not make contact with the forme. Inking could be suspended at any time without disturbing the duct setting.

It was also possible to suspend the inking rollers while the machine was running. A lever was pressed down and the rollers remained in their upper position on the large distribution roller. This helped give rapid saturation and good distribution when running up a new colour. Access to the forme was easier for insertion, makeready and fixing of the lays.

Although living in the UK, I did not know of any print firm that installed one of these presses although I do remember the name and that of the importers.

As to your specific question of course you can print postcards and business cards on them.

Why change your subject?

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Yes, I remember the ”Graffos”. They worked really smooth and had some features that you mention Bern, but, there was one thing with this press, it couldn’t match the heldeiberg register system as seen on the windmills.
The Graffos had a lot of issues when one needed a perfect register. Most the stuff I did when I work with it was one color gripped jobs in a rush.

Anyway, I like the sound they make, smooth like a turbine.

The Graffos late models were white gray and old ones (1960s or so) were black. The finish, painting and chromes were nice, cool to look at. Now a days there is a Czech company that makes the Adasts (offset), maybe related to the previous manufacturer of the Grafopress.