looking to buy CP and Co. motorized hand letterpress

Hi there! I just joined this community because I’m considering buying this CP and Co. press. I’m new to letterpress (having done it at school only a few time in NYC) so I’m definitely no expert. But I want to start my own small press.
Here are the specs as stated in the ad. I would love it if you could cast your expert eye and tell me what you think and if I’m getting a good deal.
(I’m located in Sudbury, Ontario)

“Motorized Hand Letterpress
10’ by 15’
made by: The Chandler &Price Co.
Serial No. C76483
comes with:
110 cases of various sizes of type.
Type Cabinets.
4 drawers of wood type
proof press with briar
can be uses as “stone”
three different sizes of composing sticks
numbering machines, furniture & keys for chases etc…
Roller might need to be replaced.
Motor has been replaced recently”

The lot is $2000 (CAD).

image: press1.jpeg


image: press2.jpeg


image: press3.jpeg


image: press4.jpeg


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I don’t know where you are and the market varies through out the country, but I sold a press along with delivery for $800.00 in Colorado a couple of months ago. If you can afford the setup described it looks like a good deal depending on moving costs.
You might look at a previous discussion. The link below


and look at the archives as there has been more discussion on this subject.

I just looked through that thread, thanks. I realize the press itself would be worth less than $2000, but I’m wondering if all the extra cases of type he’s throwing makes it more valuable and brings the price up to $2000. He’s not willing to negotiate because he originally wanted to sell the lot for $5000 but brought the price down. I’m in Ontario, Canada so there isn’t a very big demand here for letterpresses.

Based on what I have been paying and if you get everything pictured. The pricing is good. And everything looks clean and maintained.

Good luck!

Based on what I have been paying and if you get everything pictured. The pricing is good. And everything looks clean and maintained.

Good luck!

I think it’s a great deal. From the photos it looks like everything is in good shape. Regarding the price, the type alone figured at a “real steal” price of $10 per font is over $1000 right there, say $500 for the press, and the rest of the stuff is reasonable at the balance.

It will take some sweat and perhaps a few dollars to move, which you have to consider. If at all possible try and move it yourself by renting a truck/trailer. And taking a couple hefty friends. That will make it a lot less expensive. The press is the most sensitive thing to move but with some common sense it’s not that hard. I’ve moved at least five from basements and other spaces using vans,trailors, and twice a truck with a lift gate, the easiest. Just research the LETPRESS archives, the Most Frequently Asked Questions, and ask the List anything you need to fill in the gaps.

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Milford, NJ

Thanks so much for your input guys! I thought it was a good deal but I’m happy you guys think so as well. It will be a pain to move, true, but I’m looking into getting a deep discount for a moving truck from a friend, and hopefully I can rope together some of my brother’s friends to help us move everything.
Thanks again!