mystery type

Does anyone know this font? I apologize ahead of time for the quality of the image..I’m doing a favor for someone and had to take a hand-inked proof home. I thought it was Modern Extra Condensed, but I notice that the question mark is different. The pin mark is round with “PALMER” on top, the point size (24) in center, and “REY” on the bottom. Perhaps it is Modern E. C. but cast by a foundry that put in a few variations?


image: ? font ?.jpg

? font ?.jpg

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About the font posted earlier today: I got lucky and found it on the internet. The pin mark was for Palmer Rey, so I googled it and found a listing of Palmer & Rey, San Francisco type founders in the 1890s…and then, from Stanford Library, the actual 1892 specimen book of Palmer & Rey, all pages accessible. I floated down to page 79 and there was my type exactly. They called it “Extra Condensed No. 4”, which was rather disappointing. Founders coined some pretty interesting font names in those days, couldn’t they have come up with something? Anyhow, thanks to anyone who dove in before I solved it….& here’s the link to the specimen book, it’s kind of wonderful to be able to browse it in the ether like that.

Wow! I am quite astonished to actually see this because I have a font of 24 pt. Extra Condensed No. 3 from Palmer & Rey. Not too much of their type survived to present day. They were only in existence in San Francisco for about a decade. I obtained my font in San Francisco in the mid-70s from a typography shop, and is the only Palmer & Rey font that I have ever found.

Great link to the 1892 specimen catalog. Many thanks for that.