Spring cleaning again…I have a number of “orphan” fonts, mostly new and in boxes, as follows:
12 pt. Centaur (Caps) (M&H)
14 pt. Univers No. 55 (l.c.) ATF
12 pt. Granby Light, (l.c., Stephenson & Blake)
48 pt. Huxley Vertical (figs, ATF)
12 pt. Old English (small full font, ATF)
10 pt. News Gothic Extra Condensed (l.c., ATF)
8 pt. Century Roman (full font, Chicago Type Foundry)
10 pt. Century Series 20 (caps, Chicago Type Foundry)
18, 24 pt. Stylescript (full fonts, AWT)
14 pt. Park Avenue (small, full font)
I’d like to sell it all at once. Going cheap!!
(If you’ve tried to contact me earlier about this type, my email address changed after the ad was posted, so I probably didn’t get your message….try it again now…thanks!)

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