Vandercook No. 2 Identification

I just acquired a Vandercook No. 2 proof press and would liked to ID the year of manufacture. I’ve located what appears to be the serial number (4380) on the bed of the press. Yet when I checked the Vandercook website the info there leads one to believe that the lowest serial number for this press was #6034, issued in 1934. The Vandercook serial numbers were issued in order of manufacture, regardless of the press model. I’m wondering if anyone can shed some light on this inconsistency. Is there an alternate location I should be looking for a serial number? Thanks.

image: Vandy ID.jpg

Vandy ID.jpg

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Thanks for pointing out the inconsistency. Hal Sterne compiled the original Vandercook timeline and also a serial number year chart which places your press at 1929. You can verify this by contacting NA Graphics [email protected]. They have the original serial number model cards.

Thanks a lot, Paul. I will contact you via e-mail to register the No. 2 with your Vandercook census. I have some additional questions and observations, such as whether or not the press has been lifted, turned 180 degrees and then set back on the stand. I also question whether the timing of the cylinder is correct — the gap with the blanket/tympan adjustment mechanism is over the bed at one point in the rotation. I’ll try to get photos up this evening.