Need Help with Information please - Challenge Guillotine Cutter?

I would appreciate if someone could confirm if the following quillotine cutter is indeed a Challenge or if it is something else. It is currently missing the manufacturer’s plate and I have yet to conclude if it is indeed a Challenge or not. I believe that it may have had the handle replaced or was modified in some way, but I am not quite sure. On the blade it has the following information on it; patent date of July 7, 1908, T.M Recd July 23, 1889, and Serial No. B11189

If someone could please let me know any information on it, I would greatly appreciate it as I am trying to gather as much information as possible before selling it.

image: DSCN0469.jpg


image: DSCN0471.jpg


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looks like a Bic lighter and a Challenge.

No, I think it’s a Chinese knock-off. But the cutter is probably a Challenge.