Boxcar Polymer Plates…

I just purchased my deep relief base and I’m sending out my first file to be created into a polymer plate. I’m curious, Boxcar says that for the Standard Boxcar Base we should order these plate choices: the 94FL or the KF95.

For The Deep Relief Boxcar Base, the KF152.

Now is says that the KF152 is for use with the Deep Relief Boxcar Base. Would it matter if I have a standard plate (94FL or the KF95) with on my deep relief base? I’m just curious because the deep relief plate costs a little bit more. What is it exactly doing for me?

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Manufacturers charge more for thicker plates (as a rule of thumb) and this is passed on by distributors and processors.

Yes, you can use a .94 mm plate on a .858 +/- grind base if you use a .022 +/- underlay to compensate. Depends upon the type of press you use, easier to set up on a cylinder press than a platen press.

Thicker plates are more often used on job platens or smaller platens where there may be ink roller height issues, such as inking the floor of the plate caused by improperly adjusted rollers or rollers that are out of sync. It’s a misnomer that they provide you with deeper impression though. All letterpress formulated plates have similar relative reverse relief depth.


Thanks Gerald!