Adams Cottage Press Manuals

With essential help from Bob Oldham and John Horn, I’ve continued to find information about the Adams Cottage Press. I have discovered that Adams Press Company published some catalogs of its equipment. There was a prospectus for the Cottage Press and a catalog in 1861, a catalog in 1865, and a catalog in 1873 or ‘74. The listings I have are all substantial libraries with whom I’ll be in touch. Any of you have or have examined any of these? Know of any copies for sale? Know where photocopies or scans of them might be available? I’m also interested in seeing how many Cottage Presses can be located. Any help will be much appreciated. Sam Lanham

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With help I have found all the items mentioned in my posting. If anyone knows of any other sources of any kind for the Adams Cottage Press, please post, or e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks. Sam