Dave Churchman, manager 

Sterling Type Foundry

[Update: Dave passed away 12/28/15. He was 82. —Eds.]
Sterling Type Foundry has been in business since 1922, and offer a broad line of decorative typecast cuts; including Borders, Logos, Adcuts, Dingbats and Misc. Signs (e.g. “@” etc.). All of our products are typecast, solid metal suitable for letterpress or hot stamping in a size range from 6 thru 72 pt. Send $2.50 for our full-line 32 page catalog (plus supplements)… We also offer limited castings of ornate, old-time floradora type faces which are unavailable from any other foundry. We still have very limited stocks of 24 pt “Wide Glyptic Shaded” (pat’d 1878 by MacKellar), 24 pt “Basuto” (an English display face) and 18 pt. 2-COLOR “Moorish” (a BB&S face brought out in 1892 for the Columbian Expo in Chicago). -Dave Churchman