C&P Pilot Vs. Craftsmen Tabletop?

I am looking at a completely rebuilt C&P Pilot 6.5X10 and a rebuilt Craftsmen tabletop. The C&P is much more expensive than the Craftsmen. Additionally the Craftsmen has a larger chase. Both have new rollers. **The owner has pulled an impression on the C&P, the Craftsman owner has not.

Which one would you buy?
Please shed some light…

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I would buy the Craftsmen. I have one, and am quite pleased with it. I don’t believe you’ll see enough difference to warrant a higher price. If the Craftsmen is a Monarch 9 x 12 you should be sure to grab that up. If it is a Superio 6.5 x 10 then you won’t notice that much difference.

Thank you boundstaffpress, I appreciate your feedback.