UK wood type manufacturers

I’ve been looking at my wood type - I have approx 20 fonts of Gill wood letter - Roman, Bold, Extra Bold, Bold Condensed, Extra Condensed - all in various line sizes from 5 line up to 20 line and it struck me that there seemed to be a variety of founders marks on them. The majority of them are made by Stephenson Blake, but other makers include HM Sellers and F Ummell as well as unmarked founts. The 20 line HM Sellers fount is Gill but with a few variations. Throw in Mr De Little’s Art Sans and it all adds up to a bewildering variety considering Gill was initially commissioned by Monotype. Can any one out there cast a light on how this came about - did Monotype license the design to many wood type manufacturers? Did the copyright run out and there was a free-for-all? This all may be beyond living memory of course but I’m curious!

oh and if any one has an 8 line or 14 line Gill Sans roman they need to part with - drop me a line!

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