Ian Leonard Robertson 

Slow Loris Press

[Update: The proprietor of Slow Loris Press, Ian Leonard Robertson, died in June 2012. The press has since closed.]

I began printing in 1951 as the (first) Windhover Press doing commercial work as well as a number of books by 1950’s poets. A new name, the same old printer, as of 1969. Now a private press publishing limited edition books, broadsheets and other ephemera. Hand set letterpress printing with only occasional linotype or monotype intrusions. Mentors and critical advisers were Arthur Rushmore and Will Bradley - a really thankful beginning! Equipment today: 8x12 Ben Franklin (Peerless), Sigwalt, Bobcat wooden handpress. The Press type is Bembo with aid from Oxford, John Bell, VanDijck, and Lutetia and various titlings, etc.

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