Czech Press

I’m planning to buy a press. I found a »Tiegel« on ebay (no table-top, these are hard to find in Germany).
The owner said, it is no Heidelberg but a Czech-made Model (Adast-Brand). Anyone know this press, is it worth buying?


image: 25c4_12.JPG


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Max, if you want to buy anything like that, better go for a Heidelberg. Spare parts, manuals, servicing and information are still available. They’re not too expensive in Continental Europe. Have a look at the website of Drukwerk in de Marge in the Netherlands, recently 3 or 4 of them came up for sale, same in the Netherlands and in some in Belgium. There was even one for free in the city of Haarlem.

Thomas, thanks for your reply. Indeed there are pretty cheap Heidelberger on the Website of Drukwerke in de Marge, very informative site! Sure a Heidelberg would be a better choice, but the Adast is only about 20 miles away, so shipping will be quite easy, and that would be a start at all.

I believe these presses are a direct copy of the Windmill. I also believe that they may still be in production in the Czech Republic. Omni-Adast equipment was sold in North America and may still be, but I don’t know if they are still involved with the production of these machines. Other machines are probably still common in old Eastern-bloc countries.

if the price is right purchase it. if your passionate the press will reflect you, even a hiedelberg nockoff should be great

Sir, the machine looks like an Adast Grafopress, maybe 12”x18”,a bit same to a Heidelberg press. I’am from Argentina, and the Adast machines are very extended on my country. Is a very good machine, durable, hard and precise. Is a good election, but myself prefeer Heidelberg. The price of the machine in my country is equivalent to a US 1,000 dollars. and a half of the price of a Heidelberg Windmill. Sorry my English is not good.

Finally I managed to buy a Heidelberg platen press. It’s a 1953 build an the image shows it on it’s way home.


image: _7044492.jpg