Vintage press, type and inks in Washington, DC

Update - May 7: The response to this ad has been overwhelming. Thank you to all who responded. I cannot email you back individually right now. I am a home schooling mom who just spent last night in the emergency room with my one year old and am dealing with moving soon. I have received a few responses from folks who would be willing to come and help me identify what I have, so I will pursue that first. I will respond to you all as well as I can over the next two weeks. I cannot access the equipment because it is behind many of my husband’s wood working tools. So I cannot take a picture or even see the name on it (it is contained in a large open frame wooden crate with plastic around it, as it has been for at least 15 years). If you are just now seeing this ad and want to inquire about the equipment, I would ask you to refrain. There are about 52 people ahead of you in the queue. Thanks! I will post an update when appropriate.


In the corner of my basement is a crated up vintage iron hand press, a cabinet full of type, and a small cabinet of inks, plates, etc. It was owned by the previous owner of my house, Uncle Billy, who used to operate a neighborhood press in the 1960s. I am selling the house and looking for a new home for this equipment. I don’t know what kind of press it is, but it has to be in the neighborhood of 60 - 80 years old at least. I would appreciate some local help in dealing with it. Please inquire further if you could help, or are interested in a great deal for an old press.

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