Electrical Question/Windmill

I’ve just placed my Red Ball Windmill on my shop floor, and run 3-phase 220/30 amp power from the electrical box in my shop to the press. I installed a box w/receptacle in the wall next to the press, and bought a matching plug. That’s as far as I’ve gotten, as now I’m stumped.
The press is equipped with a GE 3 phase, 220 amp, 1.5 hp motor. The motor has 4 bundles of 9 black wires (bundled as follows: bundle 1: wires 6, 5, and 4; bundle 2: wires 9 and 3; bundle 3: wires 2 and 8; bundle 4: wires 1 and 7…and that all seems correct, according to the wiring diagram on the back of the motor, and that’s what is called for when wiring the motor for 220.)
Anyway, those four bundles are connected to 3 black wires. What I can’t figure out is how to tell what 2 black wires are hot, and which one of the 3 black wires is the neutral. In addition, the on/off switch at the front of the press has 3 wires (a blue, red, and black) which are cut and not labeled (of course) so I don’t know which of the 3 black wires will connect to the 2 hot and 1 neutral on that switch (assuming the red, green and blue wires from the switch are the 2 hot & a neutral; the motor’s ground is at the motor’s box at the press). How can I test these to make sure I hook it up w/the right rotation, hot to hot, etc., as the 3 black wires aren’t identified? Will I cause damage should I hook it up wrong and put power to the motor? Or, maybe I call an electrician? Thoughts?
Thanks in advance for your help & advice!!!


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In my humble opinion you may need to call somebody. I’m no electrician but wired all the 3 phase in my shop myself (5 machines). You are trying to wire in single phase. The blue is usually the high leg (240 or 208 or probably others my little mind doesn’t understand) the red and black are the legs you are used to (110 or 115). My machines don’t have a neutral. 4 wires- 3 hots and a ground. You may not have 3 phase in your building. If not you can run a converter but someone here can help more with that. Check your main panel. There should be your ground, neutral (white) 220 legs(red and black) and your high leg(blue yellow or sometimes whatever non standard color the poor guy had). If you don’t have 3 power legs to your box you may not have 3 phase. You can check on converting your machine but others have more info on this as well. I wired my folder backwards (the red and black) were reversed. As soon as I changed it it ran fine. As long as you get the high leg (blue) in the right spot it is trial and error with the red and black. Hope this helps. I may not know much but it’s amazing what I have been able to figure out with out blowing stuff up. I still don’t understand why it doesn’t need neutral but it doesn’t keep me up at night either. I was guided by the electricians at my day job through this trial and error so maybe I’m not as silly as I think sometimes. Good luck, be careful and use wire nuts, tape and boxes for everything!

Thanks, awbunny! Your right, I need a phase converter to go from single phase to 3 phase. You cleared it up…I’m taking the motor and switch into a motor shop on Friday; they’ll fit the right converter to my set-up. Thanks again!


I found a 15 amp on craigslist for 50 bucks a couple of years ago. It is basically a 220 motor that runs to generate the high leg. There are alot out there as the economy winds down if the motor shop is too much. You are basically running 2 motors to do the work of one as well if energy cost is a concern. Much equipment you can convert to single phase as well. I don’t run a windmill but it is usually the motor and switch that needs changing as long as you don’t have a heat plate for foil or embossing. Good luck!